Saturday, April 05, 2008

My teaching.

I was today at the school where I teach and an ackward feeling has been bugging me lately...I am starting to lose the spark of teaching, not the students to blame If you ask me, maybe is the enviroment (I am not feeling even related to some people there) plus the moment where my craft is coming and going, and it is becoming like a burden at least today was like that.
I consider myself to be one of the best teachers in my town and I am giving my clases with the same standard as in the past but something has changed and well I am trying to make my living illustrating and designing and I depend on some external decisions as usual to start having some stability in terms of my economy and my craft.
I have used all my savings as We speak and I am depending on some talks and plans over the month to start receiving a decent paid for what I do.and to be honest I am a little pressed and overwhelmed.Anyhow..
I hope some plans concrete over the days and I´ll speak up about my decisions soon!

Be good and Have a great time!!


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