Friday, July 11, 2008


When I started drawing and inking I always had on mind that I had to be really careful to my teams of work and I gotta say life and God has been so great with me and I will mention now some people that I consider my friends but also are amazing artists working aside me.
I have to recognize the hard work they are doing , and as I know They will be part of my success and I want them to be there so We can harvest the same. I do really want to give my eternal thank yous to them.
I will mention them as they arrived to my life.

I gotta say that Renato´s quality is the professionalism and ethic in the work, I always feel comfortable to work with, He is fast, sharp and effective.
I can announce this He will be the colorist for the Cover of COMIKAZE 2 so stay tuned, We are also planning many things together. I can only say great things about his work. He always the first choice for mainstream work.
Thank you so much Renato for the friendship!!

Damn! This amazing little fella will become something really big in the industry, I am sure, We share some similar thoughts about art, at his young age of 19 I can say He is a true artist. We are adapting really fast to eachother and also We have some plans that can suit our visions artistically talking. so stay tuned also for the plans We have in works.
He rocks and I wish I had had his skills at that age!

Man! This is the kind of guy that can take your work to a higher level asap , and funny but I am so sure a lot of work done by us will be shown in the Comic Industry soon and We will be attach in the future in other ones. He has always the right choice and I am sure We are going to have many projects together, at the moment We are speaking He has colored some incredible work that I hope to make it public soon. His work on my work makes mine really strong and I do really appreciate it a lot.

I am sure that part of the good things coming my way are due to these artists and I hope the plans We have together stay for a long long time, I know it will be like that.:)
Guys thank you for trusting me and giving your time to my work!

ps:My intention for the year is to start learning how to color myself so let´s make time pass and see what happens. :)

On part two I will mention 3 people that I am grateful they colored pieces done by me and are amazing friends.

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