Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This is more or less my report on what is going on with ROCKET GIRL 3 and number 4, beautifully written by NIK HAVERT.
What do I have so far? That is the question that Nik and many have asked me for years literally.
I am done with the panel work of half from issue 3.
I hope by Monday next week to print the script, I am at this moment still working in front of my desk and checking in my archives for the sequences.
I am waiting for some payments people owe me (I have to clarify on this state that is not nothing owed by my amigo Nik, there are payments from other sources) to buy material like some paper,erasers, pencils, leads and rapidograhs, the transportation and also for the photopies, to continue working on the pages.
I am done with the pencil work of some pages 3 or 4 and there are missing some panels from them and I am also starting the inking of a page or so.
Hopefully I will start loading work in two weeks in the meantime I will load the process of Cover 3 of Rocket Girl. I normally have the Kabala to draw the cover of every issue I will start to give me luck so I am starting with the Cover so I can keep with the sequentials and the ads I am planning to do.
So expect news on that!

About Number 4, my plan is to continue with number 4 as soon as I am done with 3 and the script is being polished at this moment by Nik.


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