Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Luchas Night...! I didn´t want to bring my camera!

The show was about to be a bit weak, no big stars, the only one was Marcela and She didn´t come.Dark Angel is not wrestling like in the old days and the match was boring.
In fact the best match of the night was of the hometown wrestlers. Silver Dragon, Fuego Latino and Cometa gave a good show.
I am not saying the show was bad at all but also knowing that roster was not that Primetime or strong many people decided not to go plus the Weather (rainy and cold day).
The highlights were personal I received a photo I was waiting for many months from Mr. Javier Muños (camarin), He made a great shot of my nephew and Wagner.
I also was comissioned to design a mask so let´s see what happens!!

Have a great day!!


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