Sunday, May 31, 2009


I guess is time to start giving some peeks about my project, well I have to say that this is pure teamwork Kumiker will be in the colors (thank you so much Juan and take care of what you eat).

Kumiker and I will start defining the mood and setting over the week.
This is not the final art, there are many changes to do but I wanted to share this because this week I will advance more pages of my first own creator project and I will start my networking to see who is interested in printing this in Europe.

Remember guys that the prologue of Blam! will be showcased in COMIKAZE THE ANNUAL.
3 pages showing the main character and after those 3 pages THIS PAGE IS NEXT in the story.
I want to finish at least 15 or 16 pages over June.

Wish me good luck!!
yeaph please keep coming your prayers to me and my Family this week is really important for us.


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