Sunday, May 10, 2009


I never expected to recommend someone that has been for me quite plastic, Maria Jose is a mexican singer that used to be in a very commercial group then made her first solo album that was okey, I gotta recognize that She has a very good vision in terms of her first album, I guess lack of promotion was the key factor of not having two singles or more..but now She is getting retro and is having an album full of Covers from the 80s I have to say that maybe this is going to be a real hit for her, it is well done.

This is the original version done by Melissa over 1984 much powerful in terms of the voice but as I said the Cover of Maria Jose is really good and I wish her great sucess with this new album!.

And this is the original italian version done by Loredana Berte in 1982

My other recommendation Domino records has Juana Molina from Argentina and I like her music since some time ago... quite different check it out!!



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