Thursday, January 07, 2010


Back in the days I had a nice idea (I know eventually it may be concreted down the coming years), but in that moment so much stuff and problems to solve (Egos, willingness, times, money, companies).
I guess one day I will get into this again but with my own rules.
The amazing friend and artist Grostieta was so nice to color this piece that was kept hidden till now, so If my amigo Grostieta wants to post the color piece (amigo hagalo porfis and I am just grateful you colored the piece, ideally would be to add a watermark amigo Grostieta, not for me this time, it is more about the guys in Arena Mexico and the piracy products done with our images, I wouldn´t like to see your work portrayed and used by others).
Then the amazing amigo Hurakan had some colorings changes in the image, just a mild change.
So amigo Hurakan load the color piece of yours, and you know.... do it with the WATERMARK. hahahaha!!!
so again thank you to Grostieta and to Hurakan for the help on this!I guess I have nothing further to comment on it, so in case there are some questioning, the answer is just this: Just Enjoy the piece!


ps: Dr Wagner saw it and the first qustion He had was..Why is that guy (Mistico) stepping all over me?? hahah funny fact the one I set over the middle was Wagner..funny funny reaction.

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