Tuesday, August 28, 2007

THE UNWANTED! Second Move.

Maybe you are wondering where in hell is he by now?
Well I have been again stupidly busy and now I am still checking the clauses of a contract from one of the projects, and I am working in the action packed pages for THE UNWANTED!.I am sending this photo to Dan as a living proof of the work in progress (If you see the photo youc an see the development from script to panel work and the pages). Hopefully I will finish the pages in two days.
I am planning to do the same with Rocket Girl and send Nik the photos with the work in progress.

Be good!!


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Timothy said...

Stupidly busy... I can relate. Always doing too much work and favors for people that I seem I will never catch up. I guess being busy keeps us out of trouble :) And keeps you doing great artwork for all of us to drool over.