Monday, August 20, 2007

SKETCHBOOK 2007-2008

This is another piece I have done exclusively to the Sketchbook and also a piece that will help me to introduce my art in the next Convention in Guadalajara over September.
Expect news how to get it!!

Have a great day!!



P.J. Magalhães said...

Hey Jesus, could you please find out how much it would cost to send one of your sketchbooks over to australia? After you do that, as soon as i have the money i will tell you and you can send me a copy. If it's possible!

Stay cool man!

antonio said...

Hey PJ... as soon as I get it print I will send you a mail!!
It is so great to have you around, you know I consider you as a good real friend!!! :)


Timothy said...

You make a normally un-natural pose look natural and fluid. Great sketch here.


antonio said...

Thank you so much Tim!! you make me blush!!!