Thursday, August 09, 2007

Running out of...

Today is quite a difficult day mainly for all the friggin stuff I have to do, I suffered insomnia again and I know the day will end quite good in my end but so many things to do.
I am still expecting some colored pages to send to Dan, I need to ink some pages from Rocket Girl, I need to go in the morning to the stationary store to have a color copy to send to a printer for the posters of the Arena, I am baby sitting my nephew in the morning, I Have to (gotta) finish the frog for the contest that I have been working lately and the deadline is Friday morning and I need to go and watch a movie with my girl (I really want to go with her and enjoy the moment, I will take it as a way of getting myself space out for a while) so I am still clueless how this day will end. (I know everything will be great).
About next week, mmm, today the Dean of my career phoned me home to tell me that I have about 2 months to get my bachelors, so I am expecting from my advisor to have some guidelines to work on the Capitulation and the Glosary that I am missing from it, and it will take me about 2 days but I will finally get everything done to send the Monography a week after.
And now I am not in bad economycal condition but I am for sure restricted in my expenses!.
Great day to all of you!!


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