Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Luchas Night!!!! The story of a torn mask! TRES.

Well I had a great night over the Luchas as usual the shows were more or less and the ones that took the night were the last two.
Today was Valiente and Dr. Wagner Jr against Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis.
Everything was going as usual Ultimo and Atlantis fighting amazingly as usual and Dr Wagner crashing the drums of Pancho Pantera (one of the leaders of the rude cheering a nice guy by the way).
Wagner took my nephew in the middle of the Arena after seeing my nephew doing the same poses Wagner does and while He and my nephew were there, Ultimo Guerrero took off the mask of my nephew and ripped it off (he thought He was being funny and being playful and on his role of rude by doing that gesture but He saw later on that nobody supported his dumb idea..and He started to received the general boo of the audience...on his defense and as I was talking to my brother on the same matter...I guess it is part of the show I mean If you are there you need to at least be prepared to many things...the only dumb thing Ultimo Guerrero did was to take advantage of a little boy, that is the only thing that probably Ultimo Guerrero did not even expected to do dumbly). As you can imagine my sister in law started cursing at him and well probably next time He will have second thoughts about doing the same).
I have to say on the Defense of Ultimo Guerrero that He is a professional in all senses so bad He took a bad decision in the revolt of the night...anyway.
Now we have a torn mask and I order a new mask to the mask maker.

Have a great day!!


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