Saturday, March 01, 2008

Masks and Designs.

Some months ago I had some free time and I decided to play and design a mask of my favorite mexican wrestler (favorite in terms of how He fights and interacts towards the people).If you have seen him fight you may know what I am talking about.

DISCLAIMER: These designs were done just for the fun of it. So there is nothing else involved or a secret project...well I have a secret project in works of two comics one with Nik Havert and the other that will be really big and great!!!! :)

I would love to design some masks for Wagner really, He is amazing and has been always so great with my nephew and sister in law and I really appreciate those gestures from him, I have also to admit that the people who is designing for him nowadays are simply amazing just amazing!!!!
The designs He is using now are just pure quality and He is being innovative in all terms. :)
If I have time I will do other designs for the fun of it.

Btw I am working now in some designs for two pro-wrestlers working regionally hoping they like my work and we start working together in more stuff.
Also,I am still waiting for the final result of a mask I did some months ago for a friend and wrestler in my hometown.
If everything goes well I will have my own mask with my design done for him!! :)

Great Day!!


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