Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ranting and ranting the only thing to do today

Well the scanner hasn`t arrived yet so what can I friggin say this thime, I just need to wait, the worst is that I am really behind schedule but I hope to get everything back to normality down this end of the week.

I am preparing another set of submissions to the top notch boys of New York, in fact I recieved a nice rejection letter from one of the companies so I am preparing something really good I have to admit that I am liking the new work I am doing.
I am working on some details from Luchador!!, there is a good suggestion coming from Nik so We only need to prepare the way on how to move and hopefully no more procrastination from my side and finish in the first days of January or late days of December.
I am preparing a new set of erotica work for Pedro and the project We have, I am just waiting for the scanner to send some mild stuff related to it.
About my novel I already wrote half of the first arc I only need to start checking and evaluating the parts to get rid of to polish it.
I hope to start getting in touch with many of my friends because I have been a bit distant due to the load of real work in my side (my family still have some money problems so I was working my ass off to get some money to help my folks).

Well about other news I guess the DVD from Seinfeld is on sale in USA starting today I always recommend Seinfeld as one of the best sitcoms ever so If you get one that would be a really good bargain.
About sitcoms there are some I am really fond of
Mad about you (I have a big crush on that Helen Hunt..she is cute cute cute!!)

Now I am enjoying
Scrubs and Dead like me (good writing!!)

About music there is a new group sounding in UK called Kasabian a very good single and the video is great, I also watch today the new video from Infusion and looks great all that 80`s style on it.
Latinoamerican music I gotta admit I have a guilty pleasure, there is an argentinian group called Miranda, the music is really commercial but I really like it, I am also liking two songs now, one sung by Fiorello an italian guy If memory is good the single is città vouta I really enjoy the 50`s sound on it and one from Tiziano Ferro called Ti Voglio Bene.

See you later, and hopefully with this damn scanner on my hands I really need to send some work to my contacts!!
Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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