Thursday, October 18, 2007

At last...I sent my thesis Today.

Hey guys sorry for not blogging as usual but I have been busy making ends meet.
I sent the Thesis today for the checking up, My advisor and the nice Director or my Career told me that I have only 15 days to get my Bachelors gotten.
From what I know everything will be awesomely great and I need only to wait this weekend to have two architects to check my Monography so hopefully on Monday to know the changes to get for my paperwork (I am sure I will not going to have big changes on it :) ), and after the check up and authorization over the first days of the week to see what is the day to finally send the Discs with the data and wait till I have everything paid and cover in my school and just to have the final oral exam and that is all!!
Wish me luck and from what I know in less of two weeks I will finally get the Bachelors!! Yay!!!

Have a great day!


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