Monday, October 01, 2007

COMAGON was Amazing!

I really want to thank all the guys I met over the Convention and the ones who trusted in my work and bought a copy of my SketchBook.
It was not bad in fact I could pay for my meal and part of my come back ticket so I can not complain..well only one thing I just couldn´t meet Mike over the Con. I missed you there...;).
It was amazing in particular Rene Cordova, Nova, Lalo (The guys of Republica Lucha are the nicest guys around)and Magolobo made my day with their friendship!
Talk later more about the Convention If I can...:)


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Antonio Torres said...

Chingon mi hermano!!!! ya sabia que te iba a ir de poca madre y que bueno que te topaste con el compa Rene y Lalo Ancer que son bien chingones....que bueno que te fue bien....yo sabia que te iba a ir de pocamadre!!!!!!