Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Luchas Night...! Wagnermania and I forgot my camera!!

HAHAHAH for the first time in ages I forgot my camera so I couldn´t take any photos from the show (to be honest this is the worst of the year..the only two matches that saved the night were the ones from the tiny wrestlers and the the main event where Dr. Wagner was figthing!
The only hightlight of the night was that Dr. Wagner Jr signed a toy of mine!! :)

Tomorrow is my checking up from my thesis and my advisors...wish me luck because based on the changes done on my thesis (I am sure I will have only small changes) I will have to be or not working on the details of the thesis for the following two nights to send all the paperwork and paymentes for this Friday!!
So wish me luck!!

Be good and see you hopefully on Friday!!


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