Saturday, October 27, 2007

Work and Paperwork (Hating things).

I sometimes hate my educational system, the fast update is this...I still need to receive the approval to send my papers for the tramits as soon as I get this approaval I can get the proper end to this, the catch is that I have only MONDAY to get this approval so in case I do not get it I can not get my bachelors...(As I said sometimes I really hate my educational system.
I am so sure I will get the approval but that means I have to be the WHOLE day in my school to give a solution and a resolution to everything.
In case you do not know about me in the following days is that I am busy with the paperwork and the solutions from the School, sorry in advance for the future absence.
So please pray for me and keep me in your prayers or send me good vibe!
Last week this poster I did started to be out in my hometown as part of the publicity for the next Arena please enjoy it!!


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