Thursday, June 26, 2008


When you watch a movie of Quentin Tarantino there are many things to take in consideration
1.-To understand his vision of giving homages to the B-flicks, cult movies, cartoons, comics He saw over his childhood. If you like that kind of movies or you have a similar background you will be absolutely related to his movies.
2.-To have a certain fond for gore, explicit topics, dark sense of humor and sarcasm.
3.-He likes to play tricks and make fun of us. He is an expert to set moods, many of them in the verge of bad taste.
4.-If you want to make sense to some of the arguments or plots, you are wrong. many of them are only to enjoy and remember the old times sake.
His world is full of nonsense ergo REALITY.
5.-If you care too much for quality in the soundtrack.

I need to watch the second part directed by Rodriguez but I can say that this a beautiful movie, If you are okey at least to two of the mentioned points, You would love the movie!

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