Monday, June 02, 2008

Where is Waldo?

Hey guys I will be a bit absent I have to start inking a 8 page project I have in hands and because I am on page 5 in pencils that means I will not check my messages as I wish, and I am just in time in my agenda to start this.
About the project well as soon as I send the last page to them I will make my friends and editors from this incredible magazine to speak up.
In my concern it is a project I always wanted to get involved and I am glad for the opportunity!!!

Also I am looking for Cover Work so If you give me some pointers, I appreciate it in advance!!!!!
I will continue blogging in my free times so expect some news as usual not everyday but twice a week while I am working on this project!

Have a great amazing day!!!


Post Scriptum...
My friend Diego aka Kalel took some photos from the Luchas Night where Dr. Wagner was, I hope He does not mind that I took them to load them here!!!.
In the photo with day light, in case you ask for me I am the guy who has short hair, beared and glasses.
And in the photo inside the Hall my nephew is the one with the white mask next to Dr. Wagner at his back!!

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