Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Luchas Night!!!! Waiting for a signature!

Today was quite good in many aspects, My nephew went with me again to Las Luchas after a month (He has been sick over the past days, and infection in teh ear and an agressive sore throat).
Today at least they were giving a decent show and I had the chance to take some photos with Magadan, Averno, Mefisto and also Silver Dragon (an amazing queretan wrestler) and I waited over an hour to have a signature over a comic (Mistico was only signing a piece, I still dunno why I got so lucky and He signed two pieces, this comic and the Cover or Record a magazine where He was portrayed).
About Mistico the comic, I have a very good friend working on the comic (Ulises Grostieta) and a person I always call "Mister" (I respect enormously Oscar Bazaldua the penciler in the comic and a nice humble person). I still have mixed feelings because it is a good comic, period. Probably I was expecting more of a comic like that but in the overall it is a great effort with a lousy lousy Cover.
And the thing that gets on my nerves from the comic is that the names of Bazaldua and Grostieta and Martinez (the inker) are not in the Cover (They deserve that). Anyway I got my comic signed by Mistico and hopefully in a Convention to get my signatures from the artist involved.

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