Sunday, June 08, 2008

Der Müde Tod 1921

This is maybe one of the best movies ever done for many many many situations, firstable I have to say that I had finally the chance to see this movie in a cultural channel in my country (Canal 22) yesterday night while trying to get asleep, happens I was with low pressure and high pressure all night and a bit of fever I am still a bit sick but I am much better.
Well into the movie I still do not know why it was called in English DESTINY or THE CIRCLE OF DESTINY in my opinion I guess the best translation is THE WEARY DEATH, in fact for spanish and french viewers you can find it by the title THE 3 LIGHTS (Las tres luces) a bad decision in translation in terms of wrapping the main plot as the whole concept into the 3 subplots given by three creepy love stories.
This is one of the movies I wish everybody had the opportunity to watch even for research aspects, as I read in a site and the way that summarizes everything is that in the first years of the 20th Century while United States was trying to make naive and lousy attempts and experiments with the new format that movies became, German movies were playing with the maturity that the skills of the new format gave to german directors and were trying hard to tell stories in different and innovative ways(I have to say that many european directors had this new format dominated in those early years).
Destiny or The Circle of Destiny is a round movie with a great ending!

Watch this movie if you can!!

Have a great week!


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