Thursday, August 26, 2004

Yesterday was almost a lame day!!

Have you ever been in a open argument that you do not really want to be part of it?
Well I was yesterday in one.....
I define myself as a guy who prefers to be out of conflict, because there is not even a nice way to finish something thas has started badly.
I am starting to abhor my daily 3 jobs (non comic related,giving classes), sad is the only way to continue getting money till I hit big with comics.
And also the funny thing is that I was not even interested in giving answers to the person(the stupid argument I had yesterday), I mean ...I am starting to learn that I have no right to start giving answers to people, I am not trying to say I feel quite mature, not in that way but with the track of the years you start developing a nice way to see life, and I still believe I am not entitled to give answers and how`s to a person that is not even respecting you.
I also learnt to set a limit and not let people know how to attack me, there is the old spanish saying "Das la mano y te agarran la pata" ("You give the hand to help and instead of that you are grabbed by the feet to make you fumble").
Well I can not believe drawing continues being my refugee, I guess you have an idea of the great pleasure that means to use a pencil or a brush, after this crazy day I returned home and finish the last page before sending my regular submissions hoping to get it this time!!
I already posted the image so I hope you liked the soon as I send the packages I will start posting the work I sent!..have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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