Thursday, August 12, 2004

IN NOMINE (the project.)

Well I finally took the bluelines to ink the first 3 pages that will be printed soon(I will keep the info till I have everything in print I do not really want to jinx it!!).
I am involved in some projects In USA with Nik Havert a great friend of mine and an incredible solid writer, we are involved in the creative process of Rocket Girl a lovely project (I will show the work of it later on), Luchadore or The Luchador, and We are also developing a project called the Cult.
Well in spain I am involved also with a great person Pedro L. Lopez an incredible writer, He would be the perfect blend for a Vertigo book, and I am sure soon he will get one,IN NOMINE is a great story with lots of black magic,vampires, and deep, deep concepts.
I started today night to ink the pages I need to finish before Sunday!!.
With this great friends and writers I really feel protected, is very difficult to find damn good writers and they really really rock!!.. I include an image of an interior back cover..Hope you guys like it!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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