Thursday, August 19, 2004

Music,people !!!

I am including another page (number two of the project).
I am quite happy with the line work I got, I am not really satisfied I gotta confess but I am sure people might like the final result, tomorrow I am organizing everything, some calls and some mails to friends and hopefully I will send the work on Monday to the writer (Pedro L. Lopez) and If everything works this will get into the hands of a nice person in Spain to letter the work.

And now I will start to work full time to the project that My Dear friend Nik and I have (The luchador!),and prepare the Cult!.

Today was a good day, I bumped into some people I never expected to see again down the street! and I need to catch up some mails.

I started again to listen to my CD`s and In case some wants to listen to my fave list now is..

The yeah,yeah,yeahs.
Kelis (I can get that friggin song "trick me" out of my head)
Mando Diao (this group really rocks!!).

About other music that I want to buy....
Massive attack
Faithless (the song weapon of mass destruction is great)
Franz Ferdinand
Morrisey (the single that is in UK is quite good)
The Streets

have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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