Monday, August 16, 2004

When to stop?!

Today was a lazy day I was honestly I little tired so I decided to use the day to just rest.
I received a nice message from a good friend (I hope to answer the message to him tomorrow..thanks buddy!!), and gave me a nice topic to rant.

Q.When to stop?.

Well I mean not to stop pursuing the goal to be a comic book creator, is more about what is the real motif that makes you want to continue creating, One of the things I learned since some time ago and I guess was proved again with the mail I received.
When you decide to draw,ink or write and You really want to do it professionally, sometimes the motif is the one that can help you reach the goal and keep at it.
For example I have seen over the years incredible artists stopping their careers just because the motif was economical and instead of having more and better work they like to nurture themselves in the big harms of doing what they are said to do or follow what they think is their mark or style, so they lose the Fire that helps you continue with.
My point is that If you really know what you are and also what you really want to do with the medium then it wouldn`t be any way to Stop you.
That is the spark that some artists just have or do not have, the ability to try to surprise THEMSELVES everytime!!.
If you expect everytime the recognition to what you do You won`t evolve, set your standards of quality and also what you are really expecting from the medium.
The best encouragment comes from within.....Have a great day!!!

A.If your motif is a real one You will undertand that you will never stop no matter what is around.

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