Tuesday, January 22, 2008

GRAPHIC DEBATE:Grace Randolph and Truly Yours!!!

My friend Grace Randolph is getting her weekly column published TOMORROW or the Day After Tomorrow in The Pulse and it will be displayed with my art!
So stay tuned! (and some special thank you´s to my friend Jennifer Contino for the heads up and for bonding us :) )

Grace Randolph is a comedic actor and writer in NYC. Her upcoming comics are Justice League Unlimited #41 for DC Comics, Nemesis: Who Me? for TOKYOPOP's new Shining Stars program, and the manga The Adventures of CG! for CosmoGirl magazine. She's also the host/writer for TitanTV's "RevYOU" which gets the genuine pulse of the week's new film releases from real moviegoers who've just stepped out of the theater! Go to www.TitanTV.com to watch the latest episodes. Grace also studies and performs at Upright Citizens Brigade. To learn more please visit her website, www.gracerandolph.com, which is highly informative, not to mention awesome.

Have a great day!!


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