Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year to come!!

I know that lately I haven´t had the time to write down over the blog mainly for the studies and well Family problems as some of you know, as I posted I guess this year was amazingly good and horribly terrible but in the overall a year for closures.
I am trying to figure out the way to start blogging again everyday and also to make this a room where I can continue writing about the way I see what is going on in my professional and personal life (As some of you noticed at the first months of the year I stopped writing my thoughts mainly because I didn´t want to vent all my problems or my situations here but I learned in this year that I can not stop doing that, I do really need my scape (blogging is my scape at times to take some stuff out of my chest) so I decided to start again my blogging in a more serious way and also I will try to give a more in depth explanation on some of the work I am doing or I will do over the year to come.
Just wish me luck on this year that in fact is the consolidation year for my craft.

I am done with some pages of an Anthology of Horror brillantly written by Sean Taylor (I had a delayed because of The Death of My Grandmom and stuff to tramit and legal papers from the situation). And start in a month the other project Sean and I have in hands.
I am doing finally :) the pages of Rocket Girl 3 of My amigo Nik Havert and the preview colored by Toño Torres and I hope to start working in Luchador over the mid part of the year.
At the same time I will work in the pages I owe to Victor Alos.
Same with some proposals in works of my own work for Spain and the work of David Braña and finally I am still waiting for the thumbs up for the proposal of THE UNWANTED written by Dan Drepez and beautifully colored by Pezte.
I am in talks to a friend of mine to open our Design and Architecture office over the next 3 months.
Some other projects in my own country (3 Covers to be published over the following months) and I am interested in working in a plan for a Lucha comic in fact 3 projects (The first is Luchador! written by Nik Havert and me in the art, the second is to have a follow up of 3 issues of Desde la Tercera Cuerda and the other that I will keep for now to myself but in a couple of months you will start hearing about it, at least in my country in a wide exposure view).
And I hope to continue with some Conventions in my county and hopefully to have one or two overseas.

My objective and main goal for the year is to start making my living FULL TIME painting and drawing.

If someone is interested in offering me Cover work or Illustration work feel free to contact me.
Comic work I am not able due to the workload I have and I will have with my friends writers.

Have a great time and thank you again to the people who care to read these lines everytime you get into this place!!

Be good and Have a great start of the Year!


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