Saturday, January 12, 2008


My amigo Nik Havert sent me this link about a crazy and funny idea He has and He sent me a One pager also a piece of publicity.
He needs to use Rocket Girl and a mexican restaurant called Owosso Taco House.

So First things first!

This one pager resembles the ones Fruit Pies comics did with all the Marvel and DC characters in the 80's.
The link I talked before:
First, here's a link to a guy's blog about the Fruit Pies comics:

The Script that Nik sent my way several months ago:

Panel One: GALAXOR (a giant Galactus / Terminus / Celestial-like monster/alien) looms at the edge of Silver City while various CITIZENS flee in panic.
GALAXOR: Flee, puny Earthlings! I, GALAXOR, have come from the stars to crush your planet!

Panel Two: POLLY stands outside the Owosso Taco House as citizens flee past her in panic.
POLLY: This looks like a job for ROCKET GIRL, and I think I know just what that angry guy needs...

Panel Three: A bird's eye view of ROCKET GIRL flying from the Owosso Taco House with a #1 special in her hand.

Panel Four: Rocket Girl throws the plate of food into Galaxor's mouth.
ROCKET GIRL: Eat up, Galaxor!
GALAXOR: Ha! Foolish Earthling, I -

Panel Five: Galaxor smiles at the delightful taste. Rocket Girl gives a thumb's up to the reader.
GALAXOR: I say, how delightful! How can I destroy a planet that creates such fine meals?
ROCKET GIRL: The Owosso Taco House #1 Plate - It's intergalactically good!

The Update:
I started over a week ago my paneling work and I added an extra panel.(I decided to split panel four into two panels)
Well I sent Nik a mail today telling him that I was already done with the penciling (means that I have the traces and I was about to ink the work tomorrow).
I wanted to advance this night and me stupidly screwed the page with a cup of,spilled all over the page, I was trying to get a photo of the advance to show to Nik and the camera was near the cup of coffe so you can do the math.. what is means that I have no page!!!!).
Deadline is Jan 15 so as you can see I have tomorrow to pencil again the work and I guess I will not sleep tomorrow night to get done with the inking, I still do not know what I will get from doing this..funny thing, never happens to me those kinds of accidents but well never say never..hahaha!!
Also to add a bit of drama to the situation I have to visit some relatives tomorrow afternoon so I need to find some hours before or after calling on them to get done with it.
The good side of this is that I was not really happy with one of the panels so tomorrow will be an opportunity to improve the work.
(Thankfully from my side I made a copy of the first doodles so I guess I will finish the pencil work again fast at least is my plan).
And on Jan 15 I have to get the last detail of the artwork I need to send to the nice Grace Randolph so busy week is waiting for me!! :) :)

Have a great day!!


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