Sunday, January 13, 2008

One Pager. THE PROCESS: Panel.

Then when I receive the script from my writer, I try to understand the movements of camera and also gives me time to work in spliting the script and the scenes and the Summary is my Panel work.
Here is an example of how I solved the Page.

Probably this is the hardest part for the writer and for the editor, If you can see the panel work is just doddles that I understand entirely but not all the times other people so they have to give me some trust in the final result.

It is 10 pm and I am about to start the penciling of the page that I screwed yesterday.
I still do not know If I will finish today all night long or If I will finish tomorrow, I am not thinking or expecting anything I have work to do and I will act depending on the scenarios or situations I have for tomorrow night.
Deadline is Jan 15!!!

Have a great just working over the night!! :)


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