Friday, January 18, 2008

TNT WTC 2008.

Firstable in this part I have to thank Mrvo (One of the organizers..thank you thank you thank you). Because of him I am attending my next TNT now in the World Trade Center.
I have to be in Mexico City for some family stuff to solve and also to be in the TNT.
Also I have to thank Supercomics and Superluchas because I am assisting to some of the Conferences as a guest so I am thankful to them too.
The amazing artist Morfin and I will share the table and In case we have another artist on the same table I will let you know guys!!
See you there!!
I will miss my compas Rene cordova, Alberto Carrera and Novita this time because they have confirmed that They are not able to go...:(

Have a great day!!

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