Sunday, April 15, 2007

50 years ago.

Yeaph 50 years ago Pedro Infante died in a airplane accident, one of the versions I would like to believe is that when He traveled from Yucatan to Mexico He was about to be in jail acussed of bigamy so He faked his death, well at least is one of the versions that are around similar to The Elvis Presley Myth but everything seems that in fact He died in that accident (Pedro Infante is maybe the most important actor and mainly singer that the 1950s generation gave to my country), I have to say that I include myself into that devotion to the great movies and songs He did over his short life.
I wanted to post something different and I decided to load the image of one of his passports.
Be good...tomorrow again back to reality!!
In case I can not post over the following week is because I am really busy drawing,working and preparing my thesis!!!
Missing you tons!!


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