Monday, April 09, 2007

Weba a Webo!!!.

I am just resting (I really needed it!!) and probably tomorrow will be my first busy day, I am drawing (so rest assured my dear team mates that I haven´t been postponing our work..I am working over today and tomorrow on the work of David so stary tuned).
About Movies and recommendations...I guess I have already talked about this beauty done by Benjamin Christensen in 1922 this "documentary", well people say it is a documentary but is more like a nice reference movie in terms of imagery. "Haxän or Withcraft through the ages" is a great movie and in my opinion has the most incredible demons designs I have ever seen.
Also I watched Apocalypto and it is the BEST MOVIE about NOTHING that I have ever seen, I mean is a dull story beautifully narrated in images, sad that movie is just a vain copy of a Mexican movie I always recommend that is called CABEZA DE VACA done in 1991..go an check CABEZA DE VACA and you will see the rip off that Gibson did on the make up work of the indigenous and the scenery... In terms of narrative the movie Apocalypto is a masterpiece and a great guide of visuals but it just a nice bottle of perfume without perfume... If you can understand what I mean.

Have a great day!!


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