Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mascarita Sagrada.

Talking about Luchas I have to recognize that I really love CMLL and Grupo Revolucion Naucalpan and there are few wrestlers from AAA that I really like I can mention Apache, Zumbido, Kenzo Susuki (He has to return to CMLL) and Obviously the reason I went to the shows of AAA when I was starting to learn about Luchas was only to see MASCARITA SAGRADA fighting. He is not any longer in AAA so He is in the independent Freelance way.
Well I was told by a friend of his that Mascarita Sagrada really liked my artpiece of him and well now is part of the background of his MySpace place.
Go and visit him
Thanks Javier and thanks Mascarita Sagrada I really appreciate the kind geture of both of you!!
Have a great day!!


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