Monday, April 09, 2007

This day was so calm!!

Tomorrow will be a bit busy I have to scan some drawings over a place, and ask for a colour photocopy in fact 3.. one for Sangre Azteca, One for a doctor friend of mine who likes Luchas and the other for me, I am going to ask him for his signature in the drawing I did of him recently and also I will ask for full contact with him and I am sure I will get it.
I am inviting my couple for the first time over Las Luchas so I hope She has a good time over there!!. I also finished with a serpent and rattle snake design that my advisor and I will show to the Principal of the School I studied Architecture so We can think in designing the whole institution for the next 20 years so sound incredible and It will be a great thing specially in my resume...!
Remember to check the new music that THE PITCHFORK has on the musical right bar, this week a bit experimental and electronical.

Have a great day!!


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