Sunday, April 22, 2007

Full Glass.

I am today writing a little summed up of all the things that are happening and will happen over the days in case I disappeared again from blogging as usual (but only to work in my comic stuff and my thesis).

I was told to come over the early days of the week to see what the person in charge of The titulation staff will say about my situation. I am sure I will get my permit so tomorrow early I have a date with a friend of mine to start talking in the way He will help me in the thesis plus My advisor will tell me also what is the scope to finish as soon as possible.

To be honest I feel quite good with her right now...I am REALLY pleased with my election so far *J*!!!!!!

I have this week or next our first approach to develop some design for the school I studied and I am sure I will be in charge of at least 50 % of the project because my advisor will have the other 50% share. The Dean has been really supportive so I am expecting a lot from him.
Some architectonical designs I will do over the days and I am planning with one of my best friends to start our own construction and design office.

Well Antonio Torres is going to be busy coloring the profiles I loaded in a previous post and I hope David Braña will show this to the editor as soon as possible to start working and for me to know what is the work and my timings for the rest of the year and the years to come.
I am now working in what I owe to Victor Alos a very nice and very patient friend of mine and I hope to have good surprises over the month.
I will be told about the day that my interview in Silver Bullet Comics gets air in the internet.
I am expecting the questions for the second interview I will do to a very good friend and editor of a magazine talking about Indy work.
I started working in the details of the Poster of KILLOLA and I need to buy an airograph early this week to see results faster.
I am working with the work of THE UNWANTED and Dan Deprez over this week and the following one so the Editor see it and get the thumbs up for the project!!!.
Nik Havert and I are going to be this month involved in everything related towards Rocket Girl, Luchador, Chalice and some other work.
I am contacting an editor of a very good company over Spain to talk about a proposal with my own concepts and also the concepts that my great amigo Pedro Lopez and I have in hands.
I am also working with a great writer and a great guy in a proposal with a nice concept, He is having right now a very good professional moment and He is going to share that moment with me so I appreciate the trust a lot.
The Covers of New Nation are going to be done this week.
Also sending these new pieces of art to my contacts and friends to see what is the scope to get Mainstream work load.
Shrivers and horror anthology I am invited and the pencil work is done already has been in a mild delay but as soon as it gets print or I get this inked by me or a friend of mine I will let you know how to get it.
I am also sending a proposal to some people to see future involvement in terms of poster and illustration work.
And this week I am finally taking the first steps to stablish my own brand of T shirts so as you can see I can not complain.
Wish me luck as usual!!
Thanks Timothy for the post, thanks Scott also for being such a great dude,June I love you and Well I really miss Wondy being around here!!!

Please an special favor... Pray in the way you know for my Family so some members take the right choices of life.
My little nephew will be out of town for some months and I will miss him tons!! Well such is life!!!

Have a great day!!

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Timothy said...

Nice update. I too am now trying to line up and plan my freelance work for the next couple months. It helps to know when work needs to be done and when the money will come in to pay the bills :)

Good luck in everything coming up soon, keep us posted when you can.