Friday, May 30, 2008

Bad Luck indeed!

Today in the morning I was watching my daily amount of news on TV and it was shown a Coverage of a short film that won a prize,and an interview with the guy who won, this guy is from Tampico (I gotta say that He poorly defended his take and participation on the shortfilm and the broadcaster simply beated him up).Well, He won an award for the best Online Annual Short Film from NFB in association with The Cannes Festival 2008

The catch? Well...

To his bad luck many people started comparing his Short Film to another done in Spain two years ago from Francisco Cuenca Alcara and that short film was participating in the Notodofilmfest 2006. (some people say that this is also based on a movie done in 1961 called 30 historias).

And now this 24 year old guy is in big turmoil...
What I can only say is that TERRIBLE BAD LUCK and TIMING for the boy in Tampico!


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