Sunday, May 18, 2008

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Funny thing this is the quote I saw today while writing down a mail to a friend of mine, because in fact that is what I want to do over next days in fact the mail was having some lines on that matter.:)
The past week has been a bit rough and painful in terms of who to be with, what to do, how to deal and how to feel and where to go, in the overall what I learned is that I want to be proud and happy doing what I like and be respected.
I am discovering that I am really full of flaws and things I want to change from me and how I react at things and at people, so I hope to be in the right track and I hope to evolve in a nice better way in a daily basis.
I have so many things to make amends and to give the wrapping up in terms of my emotional life and also my professional life.
Expect some new work and news about it!

Have a great day!

I am loading this time something new (I hope Editorial Acervo do not mind) :), this is one of the pages of the work I did for the comic HORRORES BREVES.
Get your copy in Mexico!!!


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