Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Teacher´s Day!

I dunno this day was a bit harsh; I have already made up my mind about calling the quits to many things, funny but tomorrow is the Teacher´s Day in my country and I will ask for a permit to abandon my teaching in the University where I have been for over 8 or 9 years... (this permit at least from my part is to see if I will continue or stop my teaching in that place) the good part of the day is that my children from the public school were I teach in the mornings sang to me wishing me a good teacher´s day..that kind of things are the ones that keep me up in track).
Funny things of the day is that yesterday while being in Las Luchas my best friend Mariana told me that is pregnant and expecting the baby over Dec.:)
Sad part is that I have a very good friend of mine very sick and this is the first time that I do not know how to help him! :(
Me over pressured sometimes I do not understand how people react or assume things but well I am just dealing with it and be happy!!

Have a great time!!


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