Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Luchas Night!!!! Not too much to say!

I wanted to post this earlier but I had to respond to something I was required to some hours back!!!
The highlights of the show were some of the town wrestlers and the match done by NEGRO NAVARRO, OLIMPICO VERSUS MASCARA AND SOLAR...A beautiful match!.
Last match well nothing much to say about it, it was so fast I guess that 20 minutes tops, Sangre Azteca as usual a great wrestler, Alex Koslov normal, Mistico normal nothing different from his routine, Black Warrior (I will be honest I remember in the old times when He was wearing a mask was an amazing, amazing wrestler, now for a weird situation He is not wrestling like He used to do it in the past)!
The good part of the day is that my sister in law save some money to buy my nephew his first toy ring!

I forgot of my best friends ever MARIANA told me in Las Luchas that She is expecting a baby from her husband and I am really happy for her!!
Kuddos for you Mariana!! Yay!!!!

Have a great day!!


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