Thursday, May 22, 2008

RepubliKa Lucha. 3

I have kept to myself many of the comments I have about the amazing title Republika Lucha, for me is the best Comic published nowadays in my own country, they have a very good balance of what it is commercial and what quality means in all terms, in fact I can say that is without a doubt one of the most perfect teams of work I have met in my professional life.
Why haven´t I commented this before?
Simply because this team (Alberto Carrera,Mario V, Nova, Lalo, Mennyo and of course RENE CORDOVA,my compa, and everybody around) are in fact my best friends and besides being my friends there are just a top professional team I have the honor to be involved with.
They have finally announced that Number 3 will be published soon and there is a very good surprise for the next issue, probably involving me in a degree?
Who knows!? Well I know but this is the fun of it!!

Expect number 3 of Republika Lucha soon and another surprise!!!!


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