Tuesday, October 10, 2006

All the way around and seven times back and forth.

This is me!!
Can you believe it!!?...well today was a busy morning and I am at the half of it, I woke up really early to buy the tickets for the next Luchas, Santo and Blue Demon are fighting this time Yay!!!, it was fun because I found I was not the only one awake so early and I even talked about wrestlers and Luchas over 2 hours, it was fun!!!.
Update Two:
Well I am coming back from my classes in that public school, I was told by my friend the one I go to Las Luchas that We got tickets in the First Row!!. My only concern is that in the first row is a little risky because wrestlers can fall over you...but what the heck?!!...Ohhh My...!! I can not wait, I am saving some money to buy an official mask and also some masks I am planning to send to friends.
Can you see the resemblance with my nephew, My Mom was making fun of it today!.
Update Three:
My Day finished right now and I am so exhausted I have been awake since 4 in the morning and I am directly to my bed but before returning home I rented some movies of Kurosawa so stay tune for a review soon.

Great Day!!

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The Old Lady said...

ahhhhhhhhh you still look cute.


Rainypete said...

Somehow I pictured you looking a little older. You draw very well for a wee child!!