Saturday, October 07, 2006

Toys to play.

I was not feeling so good and I decided to buy some CDs to cheer me up!!..I am listening now this compact from Massive attack that is one of my favorite groups..from what I know is the soundtrack of a movie called "Danny the Dog", the things I have listened are just amazing and wonderful.
The second one I bought was The Verve: This is Music. That is a compilation of all the hits They had over 1992 and 1998. I still do not believe this group will be remembered by that Bitter Sweet Symphony song when in fact they had some more beautiful hits than that one.
A good buying if you ask me!!

Cheers and see ya later or tomorrow with new artwork to load!


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wondy woman said...

I love Massive Attack, they have been mostly my soundtrack to life since I was a teenager. (A long time).

Have you seen the film? Here it is called 'Unleashed' with Jet Li and it's wonderful. Quite poignant in places but really really good.

You should check it out if you get the chance.

Wondy x