Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Love for Dummies: Against the Odds.

I do not know how to call this day or what happened today, I had a kind of nice day I even collected a bet (not money only tacos!!). One of my students betted those tacos because She was sure her favorite soccer team would win versus mine and She lost!!!.
Well I was getting ready the same as my students to go and eat tacos for free when I saw in the distance "Glossy Lips", I still do not know why She was kind of worried, I said hello to her and She just asked me If I had seen a person outside, She was really concerned, I just answered that I had no idea of the person She was looking for and asked her again when She had time to go out with me, She told me that I have to wait more time for that to happen and I just left the place with my students. While I was in the van with them I sent her a text message "are you worried about something?", well She replied after an hour "A little bit, I am not trying to be mean about not going out in this moment but I have so many things to do.."
So as usual just clueless!!!
So the score now is :
My Tiny Heart 0- Dissapoinment 1.
My tacos were delicious!! :)

I am listening to Goldfrapp "Russian Rampage", great stuff She does!!

Have a great Day!!



The Old Lady said...

I wouldn't hold out too long for glossy lips.Personally if someone i liked asked me out i'd say yes straight away and even if i was busy i'd make arrangements for a meeting at another time when i wasn't.Myself if i'd said that in a text i'd be saying i wasn't interested.However that wasn't me sending you the text and you were the one chatting to her so i'm sure you'd know if she was giving off vibes that she is interested.Good luck and i hope she does take the time to find out what an awesome person you are.

antonio said...

and I am afraid you are absolutely right!!
Anyway that is what I was told today that some friends can not understand why sometimes the person I like do not value me in the right way!!
thanks for the words..June!!


wondy woman said...

Hey Jesus Antonio, just read this now sorry for the delay.

Good advice from June there, and I'm in agreement. I hate the idea of her trying to lead you on but I can agree that I have never acted that hard to get to someone I really liked.

Not to be blunt, and as June says we can offer advice and our opinions but you are the one who can feel what is right or not.

Just know you are worth better than this and absolutely the right girl who will jump at the chance to date you may be right around the corner.

Wondy x