Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Word of the Magician.

As usual stealing to heal...
Listen to the words, LISTEN UP!!

Have a great Day!



Rainypete said...

I absolutely love Alan Moore's work. This new one should be an iteresting take on things (not that his other have been less than interesting).

Watchmen is still my fave, but who knows?

wondy woman said...

My God, I almost passed out with excitement over this! Ingenius and could of been written for me...

Wondy x

Wondy Woman: Film Geek said...

Ps. I love From Hell.
PPs. Hope you don't mind, but I pinched this!

Wondy x

antonio said...

Pete I agree totally His work is just awesome!!

Hey..Wondy,A pleasure to be in help..I was thinking now that you live in UK well at least for some time more...what about getting the address of Mr. Moore in Northhampton...easy or difficult in case you get it..send it to me I would love to be in contact to him!!!