Sunday, October 15, 2006

Little Tiny Week.

As you have noticed I haven´t talked about me in a while maybe because there was nothing so worthy to talk about, lovelife in the same hiatus, and not small or big changes at all, I´ve already finished the course I was giving to a company and with that money I am paying my website done by an incredible friend of mine and website designer (I collect the money in some weeks probably a month...), also means I am having again time to get done with my Monography as my Teacher has been telling me to finish it so I am starting the first checking for next Friday. I won again a bet with the same student that betted the tacos last time and now I won free tortas (tortas =kind of sandwich with mexican bread called bolillo, and so many combinations).Yay!!.
Next Tuesday is Luchas day and I hope to have some things to comment about it.Yeaph My nephew is gorgeous if you ask me!!

This is my group in the public school I mentioned earlier, I am happy to give classes there the pay is not good it is almost symbolical but I rather give classes to people who I know sacrifice time and effort to learn so I am happy with my tiny toons!!!!..Funny to see how incredible souls I have in that class. And it will sound corny but this is the first time I have no favorites in my class I really enjoy the dumb and smart things they say everytime they can. :). In case you ask me why in the two photos two little rascals are putting that sign similar to horns well it is weird but it is very common to do that in my country and it is just to tease. From what I understand is a way to make fun and say that the guy below is just an "ass". :)
A sneak peek of something I was doing today in the morning If I have time I will get it done by Tuesday, I even have a friend inker inking this piece so expect some NEW art over the weeks.
I haven´t forgotten Nik and Rocket in fact I hope to photograph the advance on the teaser piece of Rocket Girl 3 and 4 in some weeks so you can see the process.
So well that was my report.
Yesterday and today were only to rest because I have been really exhausted and I needed a bit of time for me.
Have a great Day because I will!!


Thanks a lot to the friends and lurkers because I have reached 35,000 profile views and I am grateful!!
And I got 119,987,262 as my network in my other blog....!!
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wondy woman said...

So, so cute - and the baby isn't bad either!

ha ha

Wondy x

antonio said...

HAHAHA Thank you...btw you are looking gorgeous lately..are you losing weight?


wondy woman said...

How sweet! I'm sure I'm not but thank you anyway x x

The Old Lady said...

Lovely pic of you and your nephew and great kids in your class.