Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Little Conspiracy XLVVII.

The nice friend and fellow Walden Wong has some news for you guys!!

Win Original Published Art by Walden Wong
Hey Everybody,Walden Wong (Inker Extraordinare) is in the process of releasing a new website.
And with that, a new forum. In the Forum will be a monthly contest to win Original Art inked by Him, Walden Wong.
Just go to...
Join the forum and enter the contest. You must be a member to enter.

About Walden Wong: Walden's been inking comics for over 10 years and have done work for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Top Cow Comics, to name a few. He's currently working on THE NEXT, THE CREEPER, and THE FLASH for DC Comics.

Go and visit the place of Walden now!! other topics!!

I have another exclusive... in some weeks I will publish an interview that I will start doing over the days to one of the greatest comic book artists on Earth. To give you a clue, He is one of the founders of Image. Stay tune!!
The AACE will have the translation in spanish first and the day after I will publish it here and also in my future official website!!!!.


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