Saturday, October 21, 2006

L´Impossibile ritorno.

Never happens that you are really fed up of some of the daily life situations You normally have to deal with, that you are really tired of just having the same shit over and over... well I guess today I had the last drop of water in my own glass, I am taking this weekend for some decisions and hopefully when I am done with them I will talk about them here, some are about regular work and some from my tiny lovelife. :). Mom and Dad were sick this weekend, Mom even went to the hospital but now She is much better. :).
I am a bit angry and dissapointed because We normally plan something and happens the other way around.
In better notes about comic work everythings is coming along again to its own rythm, one of my plans is to start saving money to buy NOW my own STUDIO in less of a year, so as soon as I am done with my Monography I am again starting all the comic work I have behind schedule and some new projects I have on my sleeve.:)
I need to work in my political cartoon but I am just taking a nap to see everything in a different color and later on I will finish it!!
See ya later!!
Have a great day!!


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The Old Lady said...

Sorry your mother was sick.But,im glad shes feeling better.