Friday, October 06, 2006

Love for Dummies: It´s Scary.

After what Wondy and June wrote about the situation with Glossy Lips..well...Have you ever felt this way??!!
I do not know how to express it in lines for the first time so you guys hope you understand how I feel now by watching this video and pay attention in the conversation of the two guys!!

Have a great time!!


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wondy woman said...

I adore that video, it's very simple and effective - but sad too.

People are fools and they panic don't they when they see love on offer? Too frightened to jump in with both feet.

Things will work out for the best Jesus Antonio because you're a wonderful, talented person and you deserve it.

Your lobster is just around the corner and when you meet her, your heart will be as big as the Taj Mahal!

That I will love to see!

Wondy x