Sunday, September 23, 2007

Long Talk and Updates!

I have been through a lot of things over the days...I was again sick because I caught cold due to nursering my nephew, I am understanding that the more you take care of a child the sicker you get :).
Well as you might read from some time ago I have been trying to keep my private life to me and stop talking about it as much as I used to do, there are many factors but I am trying to speak up my mind as honest as possible when I do so. Now, everything is in the STAND STILL situation because I haven´t had the time to get done my Monography (I was suppose to finally get those details over the week but because I was really sick, arms aching and constant flu I didn´t even want to go to the computer to write down), well now I feel a bit better at least with all the medicine, I gain some pounds that I need to lose and I am going to visit tomorrow a nutritionist to give me a good diet to lose weight appropiately.
Love life is getting steady and I am quite happy with my choice, btw She is coming back from some vacation She took and as We speak She is in her way to my town. yeap! I missed her :).
Plans well I am still waiting for all the responses and proposals I set this first week of the month and I am in that situation not to know what is going on, I am not really scared about anything in fact I am sure that all the planning will become true and real but I hate a little all this slow ride.
I have also talked to some people in my country about the situation of the comic medium in my own country and well I have learned a lot especially not to let anyone mess with my work or future work, I haven´t tried to please anyone but myself and I will keep it in that way. Nough said!!
My Amigo Nik Havert had a great idea and that is what I will do over the week so now I am going to set more or less the idea and the process of work for this single page...
And the last me spread the word about my Sketchbook I have received some good praisal from friends and I am sure I am giving a good quality product.
Thanks in advance!!! :)

Have a great day!!


ps:About the photos...This is a cover I will show tomorrow if possible...

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