Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I do not have all the answers!

Today in the afternoon I was talking to my girl about the next Convention and the others in doors and some collaborations I will start having in my own country (thankfully are just small ones with some friends), and I was telling her about the Sketchbook and all the planning concerning my going to Guadalajara and probably is the way that sometimes I write down but recently I have been telling her about all the investment that was to print this Sketchbook and my urgency to have the other proposals in the proper track, She told me She was a bit afraid of me being a kind of materialistic (thing I am not definitely) and I had a long talk to her about my way to see the Comic Medium and that in fact If I were driven by money I would have done something else with my life, probably as I was telling her at times I can not explain properly why I have been concerned about those proposals in wait and businesses I want to open soon so recent, and the answer was too obvious at least for me:
I am not looking in a greedy way the money in fact I am seeing the incoming money as the way to start producing more work and start rolling some plans being one of them to start a Family with her and to have something to offer her in the long long run.
She made me think seriously about the way I sometimes talk about myself forgetting to explain my goals profundly, I learned a lesson and I´ll try to be more explicit... I hope to be in the right track!! :)


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